Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Sunday Best

The best Sundays are spent eating breakfast in bed and decorating the Christmas tree.

Friday, November 14, 2014

come on a boat trip with me . . .

oh hey there,
i'm so glad you stopped in, it's been forever!
how are you? do you want a coffee, tea?
i'm having a green chai tea.

hey, have i ever told you that i lived in Australia for like, 9 months?
oh man, it was some crazy trip. so many wild stories!

i traveld to the country alone, and then met up with my long time bestie, cait. 
do you know cait? she's amazing, you'd love her!
so it was cait and i, and her then aussie boyfriend ryan.

we took this old blue land rover, towing a canvas tent trailer, and we drove across the country for three months!
we were total hippies, it was amazing! only paid for accommodation maybe a dozen times.

do you want to see a few pictures? these are from our trip to the daintree rainforest . . . 

i can think of so many random stories from that road trip.

so glad i kept a travel journal or i'd never be able to remember them all.

we got so good at setting up and taking down our tent trailer that we would race and try to beat our best times. which actually really came in handy.

i remember this one night, we parked in this free camping site near this small town called Bowen. in the morning we woke up to a plague of sandflies inside the tent and we were all completely bit to shit.

that morning we packed up and were driving out of there in twelve minutes. total.

still have the scars ;)

Thanks for stopping by for the chat. I've got plenty more stories where that came from, 
so we'll see you again soon . . .

x o x o